Toyota and Maruti Suzuki entered into a joint venture in 2017 to develop fully hybrid vehicles. This partnership has grown more vital, mainly because Toyota wants to replicate Maruti Suzuki's low-cost model. The first car which was born out of the partnership was the Toyota Glanza, which was just a badge-engineered Baleno with a hybrid system. So you would be mistaken to think the Urban cruiser will be entirely different from the car its base on, the Maruti Brezza.

The looks of the urban cruiser are mildly different from the brezza, with a more aggressive grille and projector headlamps. The car is powered by the same 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine and comes equipped with a hybrid system, which will improve mileage. It also offers cruise control, and apart from this and the hybrid system, the urban cruiser is the same as the brezza. However, Toyota went the extra mile and gave it different alloys this time, unlike the glanza. The car will be launched in September 2020; it will start at 8.99 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai. The only saving grace of this car is the extended warranty and ownership Toyota India provides.