When you want to buy a superbike that you can use everyday, you shut your eyes and go ahead with the decision of buying a naked. They’re so much easier to use in the city and  the riding posture is much tamer as compared to their respective supersport counterparts. Now comes the hard part. Choosing the correct one for you. Riders are spoilt for choice when it comes down to buying a naked motorcycle, as you have the mighty, Sugomi styled Z900 from the men at Kawasaki, a quintessentially British street Triple S from Triumph, the craftsmanship of a Ducati in the form of a Monster 821 etc. but there is one motorcycle that most of us neglect, and that is the baby GSX-S.

The GSX-S750 is an absolutely underrated, yet one of the best off the lot motorcycles you can buy. Let us look at some figures by starting off with the price. At Rs. 8,31,655 (On-road Delhi)* it becomes the cheapest middle weight naked money can buy. The motorcycle is powered by a 749 cc inline four cylinder engine, which is taken straight from the legendary 2005 Suzuki GSX-R 750.

Suzuki GSX-S750 (Wallpaperflare.com) 

The engine produces an impressive 114.2 bhp and 81 nm of torque which in my opinion, is more than enough for you to ride in the city and rip it open on the highways. The 750 weighs in at 213 kg which is not too heavy, but not light either. The brakes used on this motorcycle are 310 mm twin disc set-up powered by Nissin at the front and a massive 240 mm single disc at the back. The featured fuel tank on the motorcycle has a capacity of 16 litres and with a mileage of 20kmpl**, you can go on for longer without having to refuel.

Suzuki GSX-S750 (getwallpaper.com)

Enough with the specifications, lets move on to real talk. As figures suggest, the Z900 sells more than the GSX-S as Kawasaki is a very well known and trusted motorcycle company in our country and for a little more money you get more power. But there are a few downsides to buying the 900. For starters, the Z900 is almost a litre class motorcycle because it has a 948 cc engine and riding this bike in the city will become a nuisance and is utterly scary. Second point is that it has 125 bhp, 11 more than the 750 and 98.6 nm of torque. Now all this power is only helped electronically by an ABS system, which is blatantly dangerous. As someone who has ridden the Z900 for a good amount of time, I can tell you that the power is so overwhelming, that even the rear tyres fail to catch any sort of traction and that means who aren't really accelerating anywhere. There have been many instances where the bike wheel spins so much and you don’t go ahead very quickly and since you have only 1 electronic aid, that situation becomes a whole lot scarier. This is exactly where the GSX-S750 out shines the 900. It comes with an ABS system which can be configured to 8 settings*** and an absolutely perfect and necessary 3 level traction control. This mean that you twist the throttle to its maximum potential, and it will translate each and every bit of it into acceleration. And who doesn’t love traction control in the city, where any sort of liquid can be spilled all over the roads and make you slip and be your best friend during the monsoons.

Suzuki GSX-S750 (wallpaperflare.com) 

The seat height is an impressive 820mm, which roughly translates to the fact that people who are average in height, will have no issues on this motorcycle. The engine response is super smooth and in low revs, the bike is very tame, which makes it an amazing contender to use in the city traffic. Heat management is lovely and in dense traffic does not irritate you with the heat on your legs.

All in all, the GSX-S750 is a motorcycle that is perfect according to me in every aspect and is very underrated. The engine is smooth and powerful, brakes are an absolute delight and the reliability of a Japanese motorcycle company keeps your heart at bay. Hopefully a few minds have been changed now!

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