The Cayman/Boxter used to be loved and rejoiced about by every Porsche enthusiast, it was the baby porsche and everyone adored it for what it was, a small nimble and agile car which made the experince different from every other car in the segment at the time, it came with numerious different options, could be opted with a manual and the Flat six came standard, that was the most important part.

The 2015 Cayman GT4

In 2015, Porsche came out with the GT4(981), which weighed 1,340 kgs and came with a slightly detuned 3.8 liter flat six engine from the carrera S, the enthusiats and pureists loved this car, I mean how could you not?

The Cayman after this generation(928), sadly was only offered with a Four pot turbo engine, which had to be done to match the emission standards and just like that the cayman was dead. To everybody.

That is until now, when Porsche announced the new GT4, the purists and enthusaisats were both satisfied when they came to know it still mainted its Flat six engine, in all its glory.

So lets talk about that now, whats different?

A 4 liter straight six with a  redline of 8000rpm producing 414bhp, (which is a bored out version of the 3 liter) 50 percent more downforce, reduced ride height,carbon ceramic brakes and to top it all of adaptive dampers from the GT3RS.Mind boggling to say the least.

On paper this car sounds like the perfect track machine and very desirable.

Now only time will tell how this car will make the consumers feel.