The Fiat Punto has been a very recognisable car over the past few decades and spanned across 3 generations globally. It was in production for a total of 25 years before being discontinued in India and some global markets. The popular Punto nameplate hasn’t been completely phased out yet and is still pretty well known. Hence, it makes sense to reuse that stance for a fresh product.

A news media report claims that FCA has started working on a new-generation Fiat Punto. Olivier Francois, executive director of Fiat global confirmed that the new Punto has been delayed a few times, but the hatchback is now under development.

The new Punto project is in a very early stage of development. So, no camouflaged prototypes have been spotted testing.

The next-gen Punto could be based on PSA’s common modular platform (CMP) as the 2 groups - FCA & PSA joined hands last year to develop new products, platforms, etc. The CMP also underpins the new Peugeot 208. Similar to the Peugeot e-208 and the Opel Corsa, the new Punto is based on the CMP, so, it would make sense to speculate an electric offering from the Italian automaker. Something more affordable in their electric car range, priced below the 500e.

With the new Punto, Fiat is planning to re-enter the local B-segment in Europe which has been filled up with successful products like the Opel Corsa, Peugeot 208, Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Fiesta.

Unfortunately, the new Punto won’t be coming to India and Brazil (as per sources). The brand was discontinued in the Indian market while Fiat is still selling its cars in Brazil. So, it makes sense to count out India but chances are that Fiat may return in the future as Mr.Partha Datta, President and Managing Director of FCA India on being asked about Fiat leaving India answers by saying that the brand has not exited the Indian market & they could consider a comeback when the time is right. He also adds that they are currently focusing on the ‘Jeep’ brand as SUVs are in demand at the moment.

In my opinion, relaunching a car which has been pretty well-known is a great decision by Fiat. The only thing is that the new car has to live up to the expectations of the previous car. The render's design language doesn't really shout "I am an Italian car" to me but I think they will get around it and end up creating a pulchritudinous car in the end. Being a Fiat-fanatic and an owner of Fiat cars for more than a decade, I am totally hyped hearing about the Punto. Maybe this will be the next big thing for Fiat. Who knows?

What do you think about the idea of rejuvenating the Punto and do you think the car would live up to its expectations? Let me know in the comments.