On October 11 2019, Kawasaki announced the ZH2 and I remember everyone I knew who liked motorcycles was losing it because it was meant to be the naked version of the H2, which by the way makes 231PS and and 141.7Nm of torque from a 998cc  supercharged engine.

Exactly 4 days later, Ducati announces the Streetfighter V4 , which is the naked version of the regular V4, when i read this the first time I thought it was a sick joke but lo and behold it exists and so sexily. There is not a better motorcycle I have seen with such clean lines, so much gravitas and just so lethally poise.

Now don't get me wrong I've always had soft spot for euro bikes but Ducati just killed it with this design and the saddest part was the fact that the ZH2 looks like a pile of garbage in-front of the SFV4.

This got me thinking, was this planned from Ducati's side because if it was,man this is the master stroke they needed because let me put a few things in perspective, the ZH2 looks exactly like the Z900 if you look carefully, the lines, the tank and even the stance is very similar and yes on paper it sounds extremely special and its supercharged  yada yada but how many people actually care about things like that now.

The H2 knows what it is, its a hyper sport bike, loves to wheelie and can kill with just it's looks and is extremely good at the track, same with the Ducati V4.

Both these bikes have a purpose, they look stellar, riding posture is meant to be super sport and they are supposed to give you back aches but the "Naked" versions of these bikes make little to no sense to me.

I'll have to admit, both these bikes are going to start deliveries soon and once people get a chance to ride it we will get a clearer picture about these "Hyper naked fighters" So I might be wrong about the fact that these bikes make no sense, or i might be right about the fact that these bikes were just released because they did not need to do much R&D and just wanted the consumers to have an option, which is not a bad thing but all I can say for now is, let's wait and watch.