Welcome to the Geneva Roundup Show, where we analyse, summarize and criticize everything that happened in this year's expo.
This years expo had everything in it. Style, action, Surprises, Spec wars and obviously the usual "Holy mother of Jesus! is that real!?". But you know what it wasn't? it wasn't REAL!!. Yup you heard that right. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world's first Digital Geneva Auto Expo.
( should we even call it Geneva auto expo considering it happened over the internet and not in..um. Geneva?)
The party pooper? that title goes to an avid travel enthusiast- Corona Virus. I'm sure the expo would have been VIRAL had it really happened. (pun intended)

The Bentley Bacalar

let's start this gently, shall we?
with a 2 MILLION $ BENTLEY! duhhh.
You know the struggle, you pulling up to a Casino in Monaco, when you have to face your friends with shame because you only have 626 hp in your drop-top Continental. Come on, We've all been there. And frankly, it's quite embarrassing. Well worry not my rich sad friend, Say hello to the  BENTLEY BACALAR!

It's a limited make Bentley based on the Continental gt that makes 650 hp
from the same W12 6.0 as the standard shame-filled Continental.
What makes this special is there will be only 12 of them. So even if they tried, your rich bully friends won't have a chance at it. The styling is by Mulliner, one of the oldest coachbuilders and design houses in the world.
It has a 20 mm wider bum and wears 22-inch shiny shoes. It also gets a three-tone finish with a very fancy "BACALAR" graphic just to top off the Showing off session.

Are you a family man? Are you looking for a family car that can haul your cute little family of four? Are you looking for a hybrid with a small engine that might put a smile on Greta Thurnberg's grumpy face? Do you want something faster than your friend Kumar's Ciaz SHVS hybrid? Well, I've got just the car for the job.

The Koenigsegg Gemera- How much is too much?

I know its a stretch above your budget but this is also a stretch beyond Lunacy. Oh my god. where do I start? how do I start?
you see, I'm not really experienced enough to review spaceships.
The name Gemera means to "give more". Christian von Koenigsegg has to stop taking names of cars literally. Imagine if the car was named Flygante (Swedish for flying), we would soon be having Indigo flying Koenigseggs which sell 300rs peanut boxes.

Notice those top exit Akropovic exhausts?

Let me put some figures out there. 0-100 in 1.9 sec or the time it takes to say the word "KOENIGSEGG". It has a quite subtle 1600 hp polar bear hugging 3 cylinder 2.0-litre engine, you know, like a Celerio. It has 3500 NM of torque. You better be careful about your launches. We don't want the earth to rotate backwards, do we?
But more than the numbers, its the layout of the entire thing that blows my mind. Its a Family car that has proper space for 4 really tall adults and somehow its also Mid-engined. It has an 1600 hp engine but can run on Biofuels. It has 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering. It has a Direct-drive Gearbox which essentially has a single gear. Will they even stop flexing, please?
We have covered the Gemera in our previous article so do check it out. I would suggest you have the ambulance number - 108 on speed-dial because specs like those can cause cardiac arrests.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrofoglio GTA - I want one, SOO BAD.

"You aren't a true petrolhead until you own an Alfa"- Wise words from Lord Jeremius Clarkson  - The God of Speed.
Most alfas are tempting, but the Giulia GTA and GTAm might force you to rob banks. Which is very convenient because they happen to be fast too with relatively generous boot spaces. How fast are we talking? Very fast. Very Very fast. The Quadro-hard to pronounce-Foglio twin-turbo 2.9-litre V-6 was already really capable but to spice things up, it is cranked up to 540 horsepower for GTA, 35 more than in the already ferocious regular model, mated to the Giulia's eight-speed automatic transmission.
Both versions have carbon fibre everywhere. The driveshaft, bonnet, roof, front bumper, front wheel arches and rear wheel arch inserts, and the sports seats. The GTAm even went all the way to have plastic windows. The GTAm weighs in at 1,520kg, saving 100kg from the Giulia QV.
And at last, how can we not address the elephant in the room? Big wings are back!

Alfa Romeo Quadrofoglio GTAm - BIG WING GANG is truly back. 

The Mclaren 765lt- Watch your six senna!

Do you know what the Mclaren 720s doesn't need? More power and speed. And that's exactly what they've done with the 765lt. More is good, but sometimes a bit excessive. But hey, we're not complaining. It's not like we're gonna drive it anytime soon to feel the difference haha. OR will we? Mclaren HQ you listening?
The big numbers are 755bhp (up by 45hp) and 800 nm ft (up by 30 nm on a 720S), 80kg less weight as a result of Vegan carbon fibre only diet which leads up to 1229kg. Couple that with sharper handling, blistering lap times and an interior that shouts "RACEECARRR!".

Mclaren 765lt - here to steal lap records

Well, people are referring to this as the " Longtail". Well fun fact kids, the 'LT' in 765lt stands for, you guessed it, 'Large Turbos'. Okay. No room for fun and games in the development of this car clearly, I bet no Mclaren employee knows a single 'KNOCK-KNOCK' joke. This is the third Longtail 'LT' car after the 675lt and the 600lt. Too many numbers? well, here's more.

Not one, Not two but 4 exhaust pipes. See what i mean by excessive? Not at all complaining.

The 765LT does 0-124mph in 7.2sec, chopping 0.6sec from the 720S’s blistering pace. But it’s the 614bhp power-to-weight ratio (61bhp up on a 720S, 101bhp over a Pista) that concludes the Ferrari-Smoking off ceremony. But are we degrading it comparing it to a Pista? or could it take the fight to the big leagues? I will pay to watch the Senna vs 765lt shootout. And imagine the Shmee150 " I just bought a 765lt to replace Senna" video that follows it. oh boy.

The New 992 911 turbo s

Hey Guys! Surprise! There's a new 911! How does it look? Exactly the same as every 911 ever!
okay, that's stretching it. It does have new headlights.

Let's get serious.

bUt iT lOoKS tHe sAme bROoo- Every non-Porsche fan ever

This is the new 911 Turbo S. The Turbo S produces 641bhp from a turbo 3.8-litre flat-six. It’ll come in Coupe and Cabriolet forms and we've already seen the spy shots earlier. This Porsche Turbo has twin-turbochargers strapped to a new 3.8-litre engine block. Part of the power gain comes from larger turbochargers with Variable Turbine geometry. The wastegate flaps are electronically controlled now, for faster response times. The torque figure is up by 50nm to 786 nm. It’s all paired to an eight-speed PDK box, which helps in a 0-62mph sprint of 2.7 seconds (0.2 seconds faster than last one and 0-120 mph in just 8.9 – nearly a  second faster than the 991.2) Top speed is an autobahn-crushing 205mph. Casual, Right?

We all are excited about the new Octy Vrs 245. Fast Cars! we love them! Especially a 245 hp spicy VAG? oh yeah. But we've been robbed gentlemen. Injustice at its peak. Say hello to the real 'New' Octavia VRS, which we won't be getting. Instead, we're getting the now slightly outdated VRS with a skyrocketing price tag. It's kinda hard to justify that.

The New Mk4 Octavia Vrs- We've been robbed.

The New Mk4 Vrs is really brand new.
It uses a 1.4 TSI petrol engine, smaller than the outgoing 2.0 litre "big block". You know what they say, there is no replacement for displacement. Well, not really. The output here is still  242bhp and a 85kW (114bhp) electric motor is proof that the performance is tilting towards the  electric motors and away from internal combustion engines like all prior vRS models. What has the world come to, Right?

The VRS Wagon- oooh la la

The 13kWh battery allows this vRS to drive on electric power alone for up to a claimed 37 miles. I can't believe i just said that about a VRS. The electric motor alone produces 330 nm of torque, so pulling away from a standstill should be instant while switching into sport mode will combine both electric and internal combustion motors for the full 242bhp and 400nm.
Inside we have a Dark grey interior with contrast stitching on the fabric sports seats, a multifunction three-spoke steering wheel with paddles for the DSG. Also, it gets a fancy AC button on the centre console. Oh, wait, my bad. It's the Gear selector. (A MK1 VRS cries in the background thinking about all the things wrong about its great-grandson).

A variable-ratio steering rack comes as standard, as well as a stiffened-up suspension setup to top off the vRS package.
Oh boy. The Wagon version looks too juicy to me. YUM.

This kinda summarises the Geneva Auto expo. Oh my bad, the first edition of the International Internet Automotive Expo. Well, Corona virus turned out to be a real show-stopper. Next year, i expect Virus repellent Akropovic exhaust and Anti-viral multi-zone air-purifying conditioner to be a thing. We'll be the first ones to cover that for sure. Until then stay tuned to THE DRIVERS HUB.

Ciao! - Aditya Srinath for THE DRIVERS HUB