One thing that the Gallardo will always have which the Huracan will never is a sweet gated manual transmission. Manual Lamborghinis are a great investment right now because not a lot of people specced manuals while ordering their Gallardos and Murcielagos and they are some of the rarest modern exotics.

Coming back to the Huracan, we always we knew there was no chance that Lambo would make a Huracan with a manual so we never even dreamt about it. The clunk of a well oiled gated manual was always stuck in out head though because of the Gallardo. Pair that with a screaming V10 and you have an experience like no other. But there is a glitter of hope.

In a town in Texas called San Antonio, there is a shop called European Auto Group. They have a humble shop, but their presence can be felt through out the industry because of their mad projects. Surprise, Surprise they have made a solution to our itch for a modern V10 manual. Behold the world's first 6-Speed gated manual Huracan.

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What you're looking at here is the world's first gated 6-Speed manual Huracan. Well this is the test bed for the car and the mad men behind this project are the boys from European Auto Group. They have a humble shop in San Antonio, Texas but their work has made tremors through the industry. They have some other crazy projects in the works like converting an AMG GT into a manual using an Aston Martin Vantage gearbox. Apart from that they have done many manual transmission conversion kits for cars like the A90 Supra and more, but this has to be one of the craziest builds that we have heard of. Modern day Lambo with old school character. Does it get better than that? . . . . . . . . #lamborghini #lamborghiniv12 #lamborghinihuracan #huracanevo #huracan #manual #motorsport #performance #v10 #gallardo #supercar #hypercar #luxurycars #luxurylifestyle #millionaire #millionairelifestyle #carbonfiber #tuner #tunerevolution #tunercars #amazingcars_247 #carsandcoffee #carsofinstagram #carswithoutlimits #carlifestyle #cargram

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Before we dive into this amazing project, let us give you a back story on the mad men behind this project. European Auto Group (EAG), have made some pretty amazing projects. Last year they made a sick 6-Speed A90 Supra which they displayed at SEMA 2019. Their signature dish is to convert supercars/sportscar which really deserve manuals. And the manual they choose is the gated 6-Speed.

Coming back to the Huracan. The Huracan obviously has been worked upon and has a gigantic chassis mounted rear spoiler and a rear bumper delete. We are unsure what EAG has exactly done to the car but all we know is that it SHOOTS MASSIVE FLAMES!! We are really excited to see the final product and also to see how many other cars the EAG boys convert for some truly passionate customers.