The First generation Figo which was launched in 2010, turned out to be a saving grace for Ford. It sold plenty and people were happy, there was a lot to love about the first gen Figo, boxy lines, a long bonnet, which meant it would keep everyone safe, backseats enough for Raju, Chinky and Rahul to play when you had those interstate trips and  a peppy engine for you to keep you engaged, for when that Hyundai i10 driver try's to make a pass.

Now the Figo came in two engines from factory, the 1.2 petrol and the 1.4 Diesel, it comes as no surprise that the diesel was the one to have, enough low end grunt for the city and for those small passes on the highway, let me also add that the Figo always had its suspension tuned to the stiffer side for those corners your swift could never take.

Then in 2017, Ford took a bold step, launched an S model for the Figo to compete with the Polo GT TDI in my eyes at least, the 1.5L diesel mill churned out 100hp and 215Nm of torque with a 5 speed mated to the engine and had the right suspension, beefier anti-roll bar in the front, stiffer springs on all four sides, yes you read that right, steering feedback was increased a wee bit thanks to the upgraded 195 section tires.

Now what did all this mean to the driver behind the wheel? You can send this car into a corner with the biggest grin on your face, sure it is not a GT3 doing 3 digits into a corner but it was close and was such a ballistic experience to drive, but, yes there is always a but in these scenarios when an economic hatch is tried to be converted into a corner carver and in this case was it a serious let down, the gearbox.  

The gearbox of the 1.5 was never friendly to you, putting into consideration the heavy clutch both these things frankly became quite evident in the first ten minutes within driving the car and to most people and was the real deal breaker because this is a city hatch and it needs to face some amount of traffic in it's life, and there it would make your life miserable. Although many owners swear by the fact once you get it going and the engine is in its optimum temperature everything is as good as it can get.

Ford Figo S ( Photo Courtesy: Indian Auto Blog)

In conclusion I would have loved to see an Auto box in this car and it is not too late for Ford to introduce an automatic variant as that will in itself come with a lot of backlash from the current Figo S owners, this was the main reason in my eyes most people looked the other way ,oh and also the gearbox and that god awful clutch, never the less I feel every one should drive these beauties and decide for themselves.