Suppose you’re a rider who currently is riding an amateur, entry level motorcycle, something like the duke 390 and want to upgrade to a middle weight naked super bike. You’re on a super tight budget, hence you decide to go second hand. You know you want something sporty, aggressive, light on the pocket when it comes to maintenance and quick off the block. With all of these criteria’s, which bike do you choose?

Well, the answer is simple. you’d go for India’s all-time favourite middleweight naked. The Kawasaki Z800.

Kawasaki Z800 (Photo Courtesy: AutoTrader UK)

Back in 2014, when the bike was launched in India, it was the prettiest and somewhat the scariest thing I had ever laid my eyes on. Great, crisp lines, a super sharp, an extremely terrifying headlight design and an amazing power packed engine made it a beast of a motorcycle. When it was launched in the market, it was priced at around 7.5 lakhs ex showroom. But due to be being discontinued, it is now available in the second hand market for an absolutely outrageous average price tag of 5.75 lakhs.

Let me tell you why that deal is a sensational deal.

Let's talk specifications. Powered by an in-line 4 cylinder 806cc engine, the z800 produced a crazy 111 bhp and 83 Nm of torque. Intoxicating isn’t it? the braking department is fantastically covered by a 310mm dual disc set-up in the front and a humungous 250mm single disc set-up at the back. With great power, comes great braking. The suspension was looked over by a 41mm inverted fork system at the front and a horizontal mono-shock setup at the back.

The bike was indeed on the heavier side at 231 kgs, but you could barely feel the weight while riding the bike and the moment you gave it the beans, you would completely forget that this bike weighs more than any of its competition.

806cc Inline 4 Engine

I’d now like to talk about the design. It was the most aggressive thing I had ever seen in my life. It looked angry, enraged. The headlight setup on the 800, in my personal opinion, is much more aggressive than its replacer, the Z900. Lines are sharp, cuts are deep and it just has an amazing road presence. I mean I swear to god, if I see one of these on the road, there usually is an unwanted drool session that I go through and I'm pretty sure it isn’t much appreciated by my peers surrounding me on the road.

Maintenance and reliability is one of the main reasons you should buy this bike. Japanese motorcycle companies are the pinnacle when it comes to reliability. They make super durable parts, an extremely durable engine that can last you literally till the end of time and an after sales service experience that will be extremely $$$ friendly. Maintenance of the z800 is less expensive as compared to its other European counterparts and parts are very easily available despite the fact that it has been discontinued.

In conclusion, if you are somebody who is on a tight budget, wants a motorcycle with an INSANE road presence and looks, wants to have a great amount of power in their palms, then I would deeply suggest that you go for the killer Z800 from Kawasaki.