I have to start this article by saying that yes, I'm aware that the Bentayga is a frivilous purchase and is no better than a rebadged Audi and sadly looks ugly.

It comes in two Engine options here in India, both petrol and naturally aspirated. A good old fashioned V8 and the compay staple, the W12. Personally it would be the W12 for me to pull this land yacht on the roads, it develops 600bhp at 6000rpm and 900Nm of torque from as low as 1250rpm.

I was doing my basic browsing cars online I came across Bentayags with bodykits and that's when my out look changed, here are some kits I personally recomend.


Urban Automotive

Khan Design Bentayga

All these kits make this car desireble, in my eyes atleast. Let me know what you think and which kit you'd opt for.