We know that print media is the stuff of old now, but there is a certain level of satisfaction and enjoyment when you read a great magazine.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we of course are all stuck at home and don't have much to do. Since print media like newspapers, magazines and books can be a carrier for the virus because it goes through so many hands, we have decided to launch what might be the next generation of print media. We have gone out of our way and have launched TDH's first E-Magazine.

We have to say hats off to our Chennai or "South Boyz" team for making this happen. Print media is still very active and thrives in southern India and when our Editor-in-Chief for the magazine, Aditya Srinath said that he is determined to make a magazine that will have the production quality of established magazine, we all were a bit skeptical.

But as time went by him, Aneesh, Sriharsha and Vaideesh proved that making a high quality magazine is possible without the expensive equipment and budget that most established media hubs have nowadays. The whole magazine was co-ordinated on call and the whole project was pan-India and not a single team member met each other in person for the designing and proof reading for the whole production.

This magazine is an ode to the simpler times when automotive journalism revolved around print media and proper journalism. Nowadays, anyone can pickup their smartphone and create a short 2 minute review on the latest car or bike and upload it on YouTube, but creating a high quality magazine where our photographers get into back aching position for the perfect shot is more of art rather than journalism. This can also be seen in our content online where we don't try to give only the facts and figures instead try and entertain the audience along with it.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and get an online copy of our first magazine!