The year is 2008 and BMW just started production of their mighty X6, " Wow! What a great car" said no enthusiast ever  but the fact to know here was that it and by it, I mean the " Sports Activity Coupe" was never meant to impress the enthusiast.

The X6 was a chunky boy and only received a sporty M version a couple of years later after production but in the eyes of BMW, this car was important as it was the first car to get a "Dynamic Performance System" with the " Xwheel all-wheel drive"  which basically regulated the traction control with the help of torque vectoring.

Fast forward a few years and the rest of the market followed, in 2016  Mercedes launched the GLE 63, with the Bi-turbo V8, pops and bang, a comfortable interior, you name it, they had it.

This caused a stir in the market in my opinion as people began to buy more suv's and sport coupe's in general, heck it has got so bad that Ford just stopped making small cars.

The question I am asking today is, has any good come out of that X6, the first sloped roof line SUV in the world and my answer to that has mixed emotions because as much as i hate the fact that those" car's" are ridiculous, they gave us the Lamborghini Urus and of that I am grateful for, yes its silly, yes it's very expensive and yes it is an Q7 with a body kit, I get all that but it is a Lamborghini which can seat 4 people.

To do a quick comparison, Ferrari and Aston tried their hand at this and what did they get, the FF and Rapide both these cars look hideous, something both these brands just handed out to their first year interns as a " Starting project"  in those aspects, Lamborghini just killed the four seater game and rumor has it that now, Aston and Ferrari are working on a SUV coupe as well.  

I'm not very sure of what is to come next but the fact these type of cars are here to stay not matter how much I dislike them, so if I had to pick one, gun to my head, it would be the Urus.

Tell me your thoughts on the Urus, or any other Sport Suv's?