When we hear about all of these folk tales about how the underdog doesn't win the race but due their amazing efforts and passion for the sport the crowd always cheers for them. The greatest example for us 21st century car nuts is in Disney Pixar's Cars.

In the final showdown, Lightning McQueen is settling a 3 way tie between him, The King and Chick Hicks. Chick Hicks is the type of guy who would do anything to achieve his goals and doesn't care about sportsmanship, he bumps into The King in the final lap of the race in order to at least come in 2nd place while McQueen is on his way to victory. When King crashes, McQueen stop inches away from the finish line and goes back to help The King as it was his last race of his career. In this way McQueen doesn't win the Piston Cup, but wins the hearts of all of the fans watching.

Sir Stirling Moss was a living example of this type of sportsmanship. Unfortunately earlier this week, he passed away at age 90 while fighting a long battle between an illness. He never won a F1 race but his efforts and his passion for motorsport always made him a fan favourite.

He won 16 grands prix in his F1 career and was a racer for Mercedes in the 1950s and 1960s. He was a runner up 4 times and came in 3rd pace in 3 different seasons.

Some of his memorable victories are the win over Fangio in 1955 and it was so celebrated in Britain that his name became a byword for speed. In the 1950s if you were pulled over by the police for speeding the common phrase used by them was ,"Who do you think you are? Stirling Moss?".

Apart from F1, Moss participated in other motorsports like the Mille Miglia, Le Mans and service motor racing for GoodWood. He raced a bunch of different cars in his career like the Mercedes 1950s F1 racer, Porsche Le Mans prototypes, Aston Martin DBR1s and even a Jaguar XK120 in 2008's GoodWood.

His influence in Mercedes motorsport was so enormous, that Mercedes paid tribute to him by making the Mercedes McLaren SLR Stirling Moss. It was an even more special version of the already exotic Mercedes McLaren SLR and this time with no roof and windscreen just like Moss' F1 cars and his racing 300 SLR. Only 75 examples of this beautiful open top supercar were made and only the most die hard Mercedes collectors got them.

R.I.P Sir Stirling Moss.