Yeah, not the way any of us thought Monza would turn out to be. This is one of those oddball races in F1's history that the sport will take into consideration during flashbacks and predicting results on the circuit for years to come.

Pierre Gasly put in an amazing drive during the Italian GP last weekend at Monza to secure himself his first F1 victory with Carlos Sainz from McLaren and Lance Stroll from Racing Point securing the remaining podium titles. Yeah, super weird, no Mercedes and no RBR in sight.

Lets all talk about Alex Albon and how bad his race-day went but of course not as bad as Ferrari's....... haha. Alex Albon is one of my favourite drivers on the grid and if you haven't understood yet, I am a big RBR fanboy. We of course expect Max Verstappen to win a championship in some point in his career but Alex Albon also has the same spark I feel and RedBull is destroying the man's career.

In the past, Alex Albon worked his way up from Toro Rosso and got into RedBull but after what seemed like a bad season for him and failing to backup Max in points, RedBull kicked him down back into Toro Rosso and promoted Pierre Gasly into RedBull. And well, we all know how that went. Pierre couldn't even do half as well as Alex in RedBull and succumbed to the team's high pressure environment instantly and after the season got sent back to Toro Rosso or AlphaTauri as it is now known.

Why RedBull should keep Alex after Gasly's win in Monza this year you ask? Well, let's all take a hypothetical situation into consideration now. Alex would have had 2 podiums up and until this point if we assume that Hamilton never pushed him off-track in Brazil 2019 as well as Austria this year. Alex has shown his skills time and time again and has shown us that he can keep up with the big boys. Pierre on the other hand has gotten 1 podium as well as 1 victory in his resume now. But you also need to understand that both times where Gasly won, there were unexpected variables in the race that pushed him into striking range of the podium hoggers and actually made him victorious.

Both times when Gasly won, Lewis had gotten a penalty, one of the RedBull's were DNF and the other was doing horrible. Weirdly, whenever the senior team is having a horrible race, the junior shines through and gets a podium. In Brazil 2019, Hamilton pushed Albon off and got a 15-second penalty and in Italy 2020, Hamilton got a 10-second penalty again and Albon had no race pace at all and Max retired.

My point is, Albon in normal race conditions where Mercedes are dominating at the front and Max is in podium range, he always finds a way to get a strong finish regardless of what the team expects from him. We all know Alex is having problems with the car this season and the team in neglecting Alex of the attention and support he needs. Giving Gasly a promotion to RBR currently seems a bit premature currently, atleast for me. Albon is a star in the making in my eyes, he has the speed, he has the skill and the talent to backup Max and eventually probably be Driver No.1 for a team in the future. RedBull should tread the water gently with Albon give him the support he needs to get up there in podium striking range.

All this is not to say that Gasly isn't a good driver. Gasly is right up there with Albon but in my opinion just doesn't have that skill of raw overtaking ability like Albon. All of this is just my opinion and you guys are more than free to comment yours on this post and DM us on Instagram saying you are an idiot. :)