A thousand things and questions would have flashed across your mind as you read the title of this article. Then you re-read the title, proceeding ahead into the body for answers. You are curious, inquisitive just like a child who has just been opened to a whole new world where things like sarcasm, puns, and taunts exist. We are not here for the touches of sarcasm or taunts but puns do make me feel like an intellectual. Poor and McLaren are the two words you wouldn’t expect to be used together yet here we are.

Driving through floods is like a gamble, you never know whether you will make it to the other side or not. I would have loved to share an anecdote here but I would like to cut to the chase and just brief the incident that took place with me. I gambled my car, and yes, I regret it. I and her were on a wonderful night drive just before the lockdown set in and I messed up. 'Her' here refers to my beautiful Italian stallion – 'The Fiat Punto Evo' and not my girlfriend LOL. I drove through a flooded road using Jeremy's ideology - "SPPPEEDDD & POOOWWEERRR!" and guess what? It went as it always does for him. I crossed the short patch which was flooded and "pooff…" smoke came from the engine and she started to struggle. I am no car mechanic but that just didn't feel right. I was able to start her up after myriads of tries by me and my friend whom I had called to help me. And trust me, you do not want to gamble when you are piloting a supercar! Sharing a gallery from my incident below.

First, let’s talk about the car and the place where it happened. The car is definitely a McLaren but which one? I am pretty bad at guessing supercars but this looks like a 600LT but Motor1 claims it is a 570S. Though, I am pretty sure it’s a 600LT. Whatever model may it be, it still is a McLaren which costs around $2,50,000. The footage shows a McLaren owner driving through the flooded roads amidst heavy rain in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. The people who recorded the tragedy are discussing stuff in the video but the funny part is when the girl asks "what is it?" and the guy responds by saying that maybe it is a ‘Lamborghini’. Damn, aren’t McLarens popular already?

What exactly seems to be happening is that the driver was following the traffic in front of him and till the time he realized that he wasn’t going to make it, it was already too late. The car was going pretty smoothly through the water, humming a pulchritudinous exhaust note, until the intersection (where the water level appears to be higher). Other heavy vehicles seemed to have gone through without breaking a sweat but the McLaren was swept away due to its light carbon-fiber chassis. The car hit the roadside embankment and came to a stop. The driver was left with nothing that he could do and decided to turn on his hazard lights. According to the twitter user who posted this video, the car eventually floated out and was obviously in a pretty bad state but for the driver, he was looking alright.

The lesson here is simple – “Do not take your expensive track car for river crossing!”

The McLaren 600LT is in no way a boat and taking a low ride-height, rear-wheel drive, 592 hp track car out on a flooded road is a thrill which can affect the pocket by quite a margin.

What do you think the owner was thinking while going through the affected area? And have you ever gotten yourself in trouble by driving your car through a flooded road?