Lotus has kind of been at the back of the sports car race for a while with only 2 models for sale.: the Exige and Evora. They have always been great cars but they lacked the features and just sheer desirability of any of the other competitors. Take the Porsche 718 for example, even if they ditched the 6 cylinder engine, they still have the badge, the handling and technology to make it really desirable. The newly launched Supra, it has the history, the name and fun factor to make it desirable. The Alpine A110, it also has the rallying history, the sexy looks and much more.

The Exige and Evora both have great traits like good engine sound, track ready performance, decent looks etc. But really would you buy any Lotus above any of the cars mentioned above? No right? Well that's until now.

Lotus has gone absolute maniac with the new car they have unveiled. The Evija. With this car, Lotus has a lot of firsts. It is the first stab at a hypercar from Lotus, it is the first all electric car from Lotus and also it is the first all electric hypercar from Britian. So yeah it has a lot of pressure to carry.

First up I want to give props to Russell Carr who was the design director behind the Evija project. What a beautiful piece of design he has created. The stunning lines and the subtle aggressiveness everywhere just makes the Evija breathtaking to look at. From the front you can see the influence from the Elise, Exige and Evora but with some hypercar stardust. The side has the low LaFerrari type roofline and goes and bends over to the back end. The doors have to gigantic openings in them. The front one to probably let the air move from the brakes outside and the back ones lead to absolutely ginormous venturi tunnels. You could probably fit a person in those if you wanted. At the end of the tunnels you have the taillights that circle the venturi tunnel end and you also have a gigantic diffuser with the F1 style light bar on it. With that you also have automatic aero spoiler for the extra downforce.

Now let's talk numbers. The Evija will house 4 electric motors at all 4 wheels. Which means the Evija is all wheel drive. Each motor produces 500 horsepower which means the Evija makes 2000 horsepower in total. They also claim that the Evija will be the lightest EV hypercar, weighing in at 1680 kg. It will have a top speed of more than 200 mph and will have a total range of 250 miles +.

The interior is also a huge step up from the Exiges and Evoras. It has the F1 inspired steering just like the AMG One. A digital instrument cluster, new centre console and a whole lot of nothing just like you see in hypercars.

All in all I have to say I am super excited for the Evija as I have always admired Lotus but was never really attracted to their current products. The Evija is a whole new leaf or petal I would say for Lotus and I am super excited to see this car on the roads.