In 2003, Christian Von Koenigsegg saw his own "real" creation for the first time. No it wasn't a car but his own baby boy. Up and until that point Christian was making high performance fire breathing monsters meant to rip the tarmac off the road. But he knew it was time to make something that was a little bit more tame but still carried that Koenigsegg madness.

For the past 15 years, Christian knew he had to come up with a 4 seater Koenigsegg. He had a few key points in mind. It had to have a hybrid powertrain, mid engined and still have the obscure Koenigsegg power. But the technology was never there to support such a project. Up and until 2018, then Christian knew it was time to make a car that would make sure that each and every billionaire daddy would drop his kids to school along with the neighbour's kids with a whole cart of grocery.

Koenigsegg Gemera

Enter the Gemera. The Gemera is basically a frankenstein in the autmotive industry. It has taken inspiration from so many different that it is just hard to pin point what it. It is a mid engined, 4 seater hypercar with AWD. The front kind of looks like a Ferrari and the side profile looks like a proper Koenigsegg. But the most strange thing about the car is the powertrain.

I think Christian picked up where BMW left off. He knew he had make a small displacement engine with an electric powertrain. But he couldn't put out a product like the BMW i8 which was just an utter disappointment. So he took a 3 cylinder and strapped to turbos on and bored it out to 2 litres, putting 3 more electric motors and you have a car which produces 1700 bhp and......... 3500 Nm of Torque?!

Lets break this down, the combustion engine alone produces a whopping 600 horses from a tiny 2.0L twin turbo 3 cylinder engine. Combine that with the 2 electric motors up front and the prop shaft from the combustion engine, you have a car that produces 1000 Nm of torque just at the front wheels. Since the car is AWD, the car put the power down and can do the 0-60mph sprint in 1.9 seconds. But how does a car put down so much power? The Gemera uses Koenigsegg's Direct Drive system which is a gearbox so complex, that I can't even explain it. But the gearbox is so fast that it can down blip in under 0.2 seconds from 5th to 2nd gear.

Another really smart technology that Gemera uses is the Free Cam technology. Basically Koenigsegg doesn't use a camshaft to open the valves and springs. Instead, the valves are operated by actuators which can independently open and close by any pattern and don't have any movement restrictions.

The most astonishing fact is the 4 seater configuration though. The car is still mid-engined and has 4 seats. Since the engine is so tiny, Koenigsegg has been able to add 2 proper seats at the rear. They come with their own little 4 cup holders and an infotainment screen. In fact there is so much space left because of the 3 cylinder engine, there is a rear boot at the back which can accommodate 3 decently sized luggage bags and also a boot at the front which can carry more stuff. This means you can take the whole family on a "We are going on a trip in our favourite rocketship" journey. Also there are only 2 doors which means the doors are large enough to get in and out even from the back.

Now your kids will always be enthusiastic to go to school.