Finding a watch to match your motoring interests? Read this article to know more about Bremont's offerings.

I am no horologist, but I do now that crafting an excellent luxury watch takes precision, passion, and patience. An imbalance between any of the three fundamentals can have a devastating effect on the craft's ecosystem. Those were some words of wisdom to enlighten you on how crucial the work of time-keeping is.

The watches I am going to mention are by Bremont, a British watchmaker, manufacturing watches in Henley-on-Thames (England). The brand has come to be known in watchmaking by sticking to their original principles of – 'Aviation and Military, British Engineering and Adventure'.

- Bremont

Let's lay our eyes on the two words – 'British Engineering and Motoring', if you knew anything about motoring you would've guessed it by now – 'Old Jaguars' (or should I say Jaaags). Classic Jaguar racecars are a work of art in themselves. These classics gained their respect by performing stupendously at some of the main motoring events in history!

A bit more background on Jaguar

In 1955 Jaguar planned to build 100 D-Types but only 75 were made. Working to fulfil the original ambition, Jaguar classic recently re-started production of the iconic D-type race car, 64 years after the first examples were built! The D-Type was third on Jaguar's bucket list for completion; they had already crossed out six missing lightweight E-Types (2014-15) and nine XKSSs (2017-18).

The Jaguar D-Type was a threefold Le Mans 24-hour winner between the years 1955 and 1957. Le Mans is considered to be the most crucial race for any car as it must be capable enough to last a complete 24-hours racing down the racetrack. Even a tiny mistake by the driver or the engineers could result in a colossal pay.

The Jaguar E-type too had its own share of victory. The legend was born in 1963 and was intended to have eighteen siblings. In the end, only twelve E-Types were built. The E-Type too took part in an endurance race – 'the 12-hours of Sebring'. Two lightweight E-Types led the field in the GT4 class, but it was the number 23, in Old English White, with its bold red and blue stripes, that was to cross the finish line first.

Victories by them are still celebrated decades later! These iconic cars deserved a timepiece to match, and Bremont took up the opportunity to celebrate this British racing icon by making watches inspired by them. Bremont released the Jaguar D-Type watch last year, extending its collaboration with Jaguar (the first of which dates back to 2014). Now, let's talk about the watches themselves.

Watch Talk

Who doesn't like a classy chronograph? Especially when it is inspired by an old Jaguar and has a series of events linked to it. It is like having a souvenir of the events which made history. Bremont has two watches that have been inspired by the characteristics of the two cars to commemorate a piece of motoring history into something you could wear on your wrist!

Jaguar D-Type

This one has to be the more special one of the bunch as Bremont has limited this timepiece to only 300. Why that number? You ask. Well, the original D-Type was classified as a 300 hp car, they took the number from the power figures. The watch is a bi-compax chronograph dashed up with a taste of very specific colours and details which have been inspired by the Jaguar Race Team. The inspiration is evident by looking at the blue dial, brushed nickel sub-dials and a tachymeter dial ring with its chronometer rated movement housed in a 43mm satin-finished three-piece Trip-Tick case.

The true excellence of any watch lies in its internals which completely hypnotizes the person as he decides to flip the watch, provided the watch has a sapphire case back like this one. The case showcases the mechanical BE-50AE movement and a miniaturized D-Type steering wheel rotor.

Every little bit has some Easter eggs, including the crown of the watch which has the original Dunlop tire tread etched into it, and the heritage Jaguar logo finished beautifully in enamel. If all that wasn't enough to get a wow out of you, the watch is set on a blue racing calf-skin strap and Jaguars Director of Design – 'Mr. Ian Callum' would individually sign the leather packaging for this exclusive watch!

This Limited Edition perfectly captures the D-Type's mechanical beauty and subtly nods to the cars' performance – a true driver's companion indeed.

MK-II White

The MK-II has to be my personal favourite even though it isn't as exclusive as the D-Type. The watch has been inspired by the lightweight E-Type and bears a clear resemblance to it. The dial of the watch mirrors the dials of the car, and it's like a trip back into the past, a trip into the cockpit of the original race car. I fancy the 'red line' quadrant styling of the E-Type's dashboard dials which are mimicked perfectly onto the watch face. Similar to the D-Type watch, you can appreciate the 28-jewels and blued screws by flipping over the watch (I might as well wear it upside-down lol). The Easter eggs for this watch are mostly shared with the D-Type watch, like the Dunlop tire tread and Classic Jaguar etchings, etc.


Both chronographs are unique in their way and sublimely transport the wearer back to the golden era of motorsport. I would be linking a few videos by Bremont below to draw a clearer image between the car and the watch. The videos are pretty entertaining, and visual representation is always better.

The best part about the watches is that they have been decently priced for their exclusiveness and craftsmanship. I beget good news for all watch guys; the limited-edition D-Type watch is still up for grabs on Bremond's website. I would be linking both the watches below if someone would like to pick them up.

I have noticed that we have a lot of common watch-car guys. So, what are your opinions on this piece of art and would you buy one?

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