If you could only have one bike for the rest of your life? What would it be?

Well, Indian has the answer for you! And it's this, the FTR1200S, yes the S variant because that's how we do it here at TDH.

The inspiration for this motorcycle comes from "FTR 750" which is the Race only bike made by Indian for Flat Track Racing and has won races in the fifties and now are back again dominating the podium, that's what the FTR stands for. “Flat track racing".


The first time you lay your eyes on this bike, you know its special, you just can't stop looking at it, it looks like as if, it's going to go assassinate someone and then have a nice dinner party at home, with the close friends and family, the 3

The thick Dunlop rubber at the front, with the big gold shocks and a uni, led light let know you know that you should be scared. The rubber is Dunlop on the front and rear, 120/150 respectively.

Then you see the tank which looks so immersed in the design, it looks one with the bike, I personally love the tank, now you might be asking, where is the 13L fuel tank? It's strategically placed below the seat for low center of gravity, perfect huh?

The seat on the bike sits at 853MM which is manageable for almost all size of riders and the Protaper handle bar is just perfect to hold, upright and easy to maneuver, feeding you with immense confidence.

Speaking of the handle bar, here is where the 4.3” Ride command touchscreen sits. Now this little thing is such a perfect addition to a bike like this, firstly you have two gauge screens, city and track, then it shows you the phone side of things, messages, keypad, and you can also control your music from here, of course you can adjust the screen brightness, and the most important, the three riding modes and finally the Tc/Abs off, which will make this a widow maker but also the perfect FTR and it also shows the phone signal on the top right corner. Pretty impressive I have to say.


This right here is a 1203 Liquid cooled V-twin putting out 123 Horses and 117nm of torque at a peak of 6000RPM, yes you heard me right, there is not a single dull moment in the power band of this bike, it’s got all of it covered, you never feel the lack of power in this machine

And how can I forget the most important part here are the brakes, insanely precise, It’s got Brembo in the front and rear Dual 320mm xt5 rotors with 4 piston in the front and single 265mm t5 rotor with 2 piston in the rear, pair that with the abs and tc of this bike, stopping is as easy it’s to go.

For the rest of our thoughts, watch the video review of the FTR1200s