NASCAR is one of the most viewed motorsport not only in America, but the entire world. It has given us some of the best racing drivers of all time, but, how did it all start?

After the American Revolution, the American Govt. placed heavy taxes on businesses to recover all the money lost during the war. This was bad news for distillers. Soon, to find a loophole around the tax problem, people started producing alcohol illegally. This was done during the night, therefore the name, Moonshine. But the taxes were still being raised, thus started the whiskey rebellion. Soon enough, the taxes were waived off and everyone was happy. Whiskey was sold to almost everyone. This was when brands like Jim Bean and Jack Daniels were established and flourished in business.

The American Revolution

But this led to a huge problem in the States, Alcoholism.Domestic abuse was getting more and more common due to alcoholism in the country. Many states prohibited the sale and production of alcohol in the country. Soon, the sale and production of alcohol in the country were banned. This meant a lot of business for the moonshiners. People were ready to pay any price for moonshine. Moonshiners were producing gallons upon gallons of moonshine.

Moonshine distilleries

This moonshine was delivered by the runners. Runners had to be fast since most of the time they would be running from the cops, and no one wants to spend time in jail. The Ford Model T and the Ford v8 Coupe were the most famous cars among runners during the time because these cars were so common. They removed passenger seats, floor mats, and everything that they could from the interior of the car so that they could transport more and more alcohol. They stiffened the suspension of their cars to take on the extra weight of the alcohol and used high-quality tires to flee the cops. Most of the runners who got caught were because they were running low-quality rubber. Whenever runners weren't delivering moonshine, they used to race each other. Not long after, the prohibition law was lifted by the govt. not much moonshine had to be delivered since most of the companies were back and people were buying from them. This meant that the runners did not much of other things, but races, A LOT! Seeing them racing a lot of other people started racing too, which led to stock car racing.

But after WW2, not many bootleg runners were allowed to race since people thought that these outlaw runners would harm their image. Bill France didn't see any harm in letting these bootleggers race. He thought that he could unite all the existing racing organizations and he did. He held a meeting in Daytona, Florida, and thus was formed National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing(NASCAR). Soon in 1948, the first-ever NASCAR race was held on Daytona Beach. Now, NASCAR is one of the most-viewed sports in the U.S. and many talented drivers have raced in the sport. It has 40 racers who race to win for the Championship every year and is one of the coolest racing organisation according to me. Going 200 miles per hour on an oval for 600 miles, seems like fun.