Things are looking up for future electric vehicle customers. As the lieutenant goverenor of delhi, Anil Baijal  announced the exempation of road tax on all batery vehicles with immediate effect.

This move comes after the Delhi goverment decided to operate 1,000electronic buses and build 200 ev charging station.The central goverment has also promised them a subsidy.

Thre has been steady investment into the Ev market by Automakers ,introduction of cars such as the Tata Nexon Ev,Tiago Ev ,Hyundai Kona and MG Zs have taekn off with the customers.The indian goverment also orders fleet of such vehicles ,it also ordered  10,000 evs from Tata .Its probably the most valuable goverment Ellectric vehichle deal .

Recently launched Mg zs

Such intiatives are important as only then will indians finally make the switch to electric cars .The lack of proper infrastructure and support seems to be the main hurdle.