There is a common conundrum among car enthusiast. They only want one thing, to go faster .

It doesn’t matter if it’s your family saloon or a through and through supercar. There is always a need more speed and harder acceleration ,here is where our hearts don’t align with pockets but fear not!

We are here with our budget fast cars and the mods you need on them to make that grin bigger.

Maruti Suzuki Zen

This little compact car was launched in India in the early 90's for the small family hatchback, something more premiuim than the 800 and a tad bit powerful aswell, it saw the Carbuter version in the start and then trickled down to MPFI.

The MPFI one's are the ones to look out for, they are a little easier to maintain.

The list of mods start from intake, exhausts to G16B swaps ( those are the baleno engines) and some people even turbo these, the right use of the term "Pocket-Rocket" if you ask me.

+ Easy to find

+ Cheap to maintain ( parts are availble)

+ Even if you dont want to go all out with the Zen, it still is a very fun little car to own.

Mitsibushi Lancer

The lancer was introduced as a compietion to the executive sedan market in india but the car did not see many sales as it had a hefty price tag and low mileage but all the enthusiasts were happy to see this as this was the closest they could get to a EVO.

Here is a video we did on a Tuned by EPA and FnL customs.

Honda City Type II VTEC

Well here's a car that needs no introduction, a 90's heart throb and a respected legend, what made this car special was the VTEC that kicked in after 5000RPM,alongside the straight body lines which even today look timeless!

Here's a video we made on the one of the cleanest City Vtec's in India.

Skoda Octavia Vrs MKI

To explain the potential of a car like this you really need to see our video on the Home built,DIY Vrs by Slade gomes and even if you want one stock, we have a video of that too.