The Daytona was launched back in 2006 when Triumph was trying to make its way into the middle weight segment and give the Japanese counterparts a run for their money.

Daytona 2006

After the failing TT600, this was their answer. A 675 triple, people smirked on the idea of a bike like this but when it was finally showcased, it was a success even before it was officially launched, it also won the Super sport category for the Master bike in 2006 and then won again in 2007, safe to say the Brits had given the Japs a tough competition this time.

In 2011 Triumph went ahead and launched the 675R, which had the same signature Triple engine but came with goodies like; Brembo front brakes, Öhlins suspension, and Triumph's quick shifter and to put the cherry on top carbon fibre bits, the front mudguard, rear hugger, exhaust cap, heat shield, and cockpit infill panels were all carbon.

Two years later Triumph revamped the motor, giving it a shorter stroke ratio and made the frame narrow and lighter, as for other bits, a bigger air box, new swingarm, slipper clutch and lighter wheels, were also added and then in 2014 ABS was made standard and then in 2017 Triumph pulled the plug on the Daytona 675.

The 675R with the carbon bits.

Fast forward to 2019 Tokyo Motorcycle show, where Triumph teased a 765 Daytona and soon after that, they confirmed a 2000 pieces limited run and they claim it will be the closest experince one will have of a Moto2 bike.

There are a lot of speculations about the goodies that will come on the bike but i wont make a comment till i see the real specification sheet from Triumph themsevles, whats for sure is that the bike has Öhlins suspension and rider modes.