Let's face it, ever since the first Fast and Furious movie was launched, we all were just mesmerized by the way street races and tuner meets happened and all of us wanted to be a part of these too. Fast cars tuned to their potential, insanely loud and sonorous exhausts, weird and cool wrap designs on the cars and aggressive body kits, who can say no to those? And then in a few years came along The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift which showed us the Japanese culture and the way they showcased their vehicles and how stuff actually went down in Japan.

Now in India there aren't a lot of tuner meets that occur. There are meets in Kerala often but they are very private and the poeple outside of the state don't quite know what happens. We at The Driver's Hub have always wanted to attend an underground meet, as a matter of fact host an event. We had done our Independence Day Rally and the Classic and Supercar Rally with loads of Supercars but then we wanted to do something for the tuner community.

26th January Republic Day Rally

And so we did, we held the first THE MIDNIGHT RUN in 2019. The event was held at The Westend Mall, Pune. Over 80+ vehicles showed up to the event, supercars, superbikes, modified bikes, tuner cars, cars with amazing wraps, loud and sonorous exhausts and most importantly, an underground parking. We had the entire basement parking for ourselves and evryone was having a ball of a time. People were all checking out each others cars telling about their cars and what they had done to their priced possessions.

Everbody was having a great time, there was music playing just to add to the vibe, people were revving there vehicles, shotting flames and even performed burnouts because you are at at underground meet so why not! But once the event was over, it was time for the real fun, to go on a drive with everyone. The drive was divided into 2 groups, one group went towards Lonavala, while the other group headed on the NH4 towards Banglore.

We are very happy with the turnout of the event and cannot wait to oragnzie TMR once again. If you haven't yet checked out our video of the event then check it out on YouTube. Also follow us on Instagram for updates o when we will be holding the next event so that you can be a part of it. Stay Tuned for for articles!