Ferrari is on a roll this year. They have released so many cars this year that it's not even funny. The launched the F8 Tributo, 488 Pista Spider, F8 Tributo Spider, 812 GTS and the SF90 Stradale. Now they have launched a Ferrari that no one ever asked for called the Roma.

The Ferrari Roma is 2+2 grand tourer but Ferrari likes to call it a +2 because the backseats are basically unusable. The Roma comes in the category of the Portofino but it doesn't have a retractable roof like the Portofino. A lot of people were speculating that this car will have new V6 hybrid engine but that seems to be still in developing stage.

So what is exactly is the Roma. According to Ferrari the Roma sits in between the Portofino and the F8 Tributo. So it is sleeker and better version of the Portofino. But who are Ferrari targeting with this car is still kind of a blur. Because it still has the Portofino platform underneath but is a little bit more of everything: price, power and roof.

The design is where I really question Ferrari nowadays, after Pininfarina left, Ferraris have become stale and the designers seem to pickup ideas from other brands. I mean the resemblance between the Roma and Aston's DB10 especially in front is uncanny. From a similar shaped grille, the headlights to even the general proportions. Heck, they even launched it in a similar colour as the DB10. But for the first time ever, apart from the LaFerrari, a series production Ferrari has gotten an active rear spoiler!

Ferrari Roma 
Aston Martin DB10

The big step up and what Ferrari is most proud if is the interior. I have to agree on this with them, it is absolutely amazing. The interior is similar to the SF90 with the glass buttons everywhere and super minimalist design. The interior is where nowadays Ferraris shine. Although that's a really good thing, we want the old Ferrari back. Race inspired hardcore cars with loud but glorious noises. Not some feminine (not being sexist), cute, daddy I want this type of car. Nonetheless the Roma is really pretty car and I wouldn't mind driving it on the coast.