In India, there is a popular phrase among car owners 'Kitna Deti Hai' , which translates to how many kilometres does your car gives to a litre. Although this phrase has been used since time immemorial among Indian car buyers, cars now have got much more advanced and with the introduction of diesel engines, fuel efficiency has reached new heights.

Here are the best diesel cars you can buy for great efficiency, I have used the ARAI (Automotive Research Association Of India) and mileage reported by car owners on online forums.

Swift Dzire

The Swift Dzire is currently in its third generation and had dominated the subcompact sedan segment since its introduction in 2008. The Arai claims the Dzire deisel can give 28.4kmpl which would make it the most fuel-efficient car in India. According to owners, it gives between 14-20 kmpl in the city and 18 to 22 on the highway. It has also become a very popular car among uber and ola drivers, due to cheap maintenance and great fuel efficiency.


The Hatch-back varient of the Dzire

This is Maruti Suzuki’s second entry in the list and its not the last one. It's probably what took Suzuki to the next level in India as it was one of Suzuki s European competitors and costed more than an 800, alto and wagon r. It was a major hit in India and one of the reason was fuel efficiency. The Arai says that the current generation of the swift gives 28.4 km pl and owners have given similar figures, with owners reporting 15-17 km in the city and 17- 20 km on the highway. Whereas Suzuki had a major ad campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo as the ambassador in India the car practically sold itself. It crossed 20 lakh units in Novemeber 2018.

Suzuki s 2004 swift ad campaign featuring a 20-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

- This is suzuki s third and final entry to the list, it replaced the sx4 sedan in 2014 and became one of the first Indian cars to use a mild-hybrid technology in both their diesel and petrol cars. This, of course, results in very impressive fuel efficiency in this car and it addressed the complaint which most consumers had with its predecessors the Sx4 and Baleno. The Arai reports that the mileage of a diesel Ciaz is 28kmpl and the owners of the car have reported 17 -19 kms in the city and 21-22 on the highway.

Honda jazz

The Honda jazz was initially a very controversial car when it was launched back in 2009 with 26% import content and a 1.2-litre v-tec engine with a hefty price tag. Indian consumers weren't ready for this and this lead to the first-gen honda jazz having mediocre sales figures. The second gen jazz in india did compartively well as the market had already seen expensive hatches such as the polo . As per ARAI figuers, the jazz gives 27 kms per litre. Consumers report a decent 19 kms on the highway and 14-16 kms in the city.

Honda Amaze

Ever since the honda launched the second generation amaze in India, it has quickly become the favourite subcompact car for Indian consumers. The car has become much more stylish and comfortable and its brilliant fuel economy is one of its Usp. The Arai states the Amaze deisel gives 27kms, consumers have also reported 15-17 kms in the city and 19-21 on the highway.

That concludes my list, let me know in the comments below if you think I have missed out on any!