Hot Hatches have to be one of the most fun types of cars you can buy. With a decent amount of power and short wheelbase, they are very fun to throw around. Usually they come with 3 or 4 cylinder and the performance version has a turbo slapped on. But what happens when automakers think out of the box and make something that can be seen in the next Goosebumps?

5. Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

This was Alfa Romeo's goodbye to the 147 and also the Busso engine which is the 3.2L V6. Yes you read that correct, the 147 GTA had a 3.2L V6 stuffed at the front producing 250 PS of power. Couple that with a FWD powertrain and you have car which must be a hand full to turn around corners.

4. Ford Escort RS Cosworth

The Ford Escort Cosworth was a homologation special for the 5th generation Escort. It had an absolutely alien wing at the back dubbed as the "whale-tail". The body work was completely inspired from the rally car with the spoiler, splitter and the side skirts. It produced 227 PS of power from a Turbo Inline -4  cylinder.

3. Renault Clio V6

Now this is hot hatch is the of the most celebrated hot hatches of all time. Renault came up with a really absurd idea of making a road going hot hatch mid engine with a gigantic (for the car at least) 2.9 litre V6 engine. The engine produced 230 PS and in the Trophy edition a soul moving, 289 PS of power. The Clio V6 was also rear wheel drive which means you could flick it around corners for massive powerslides.

2. Nissan Juke -R

Now we are really getting into the scarier and weirder creations from manufacturers. The Juke is considered to be one of the ugliest and un-inspiring cars of all time. That's until you see the Juke-R. The "R" makes a world of difference. Nissan cut open a GTR and ripped its heart out and stuffed into the Juke. The 3.8L Twin Turbo V6 was now in the front of the Juke. Which means that the tiny little Juke now makes 545 bhp and an AWD system to put all of that power down. This was truly mad creation and one made in the dark dark corners of Nissan.

  1. Aston Martin Cygnet V8

To start off the Aston Martin Cygnet is based off the Toyota iQ. Then the British with their sense of humour joked about taking a Vantage S engine and transplanting it into the Cygnet and looks like their joke became a reality. The Cygnet V8 has a monstrous 4.7L NA V8 from a Vantage S. It produces 430 bhp but the mind boggling factor is that the Cygnet is only 2,985mm long! The Juke-R is almost 1000 mm longer than the tiny little Cygnet! This has to be the scariest thing you can ever drive probably.