Supercars are a great test bed for automakers. You can add a lot of brand new technology to a supercar and people will go crazy to buy it. And sooner or later that technology trickles down into everyday economy cars. So here is a list of the most influential and game changing supercars to come out in the past decade. Keep in mind, the list given below is not any sort of particular order.

10. Koenigsegg Agera

Take any Koenigsegg Agera and the amount of engineering and attention to detail in those cars is absolutely mind blowing. Let us take the latest "RS" variant in the picture. It has a 5.0 Litre Twin Turbo V8 pushing out an eye watering 1160 horsepower on regular pump gas. But if you opt for the 1-Megawatt package, the power bumps to an insane 1341 horsepower. As a matter of fact the Agera weighs around the same i.e around 1360 kgs wet. Which means the Agera RS has a power to weight ratio of 1. That has made Koenigsegg achieve the Top Speed World Record with the RS by achieving an incredible 284.55 mph. Also they casually broke the 0-400kmph-0 record by beating Bugatti's 42 seconds.

Koenigseeg Agera RS WRE

9. Lamborghini Aventador

The big daddy V12 Lamborghini mothership. It has always been an iconic model in the automotive industry. But in 2011, Lamborghini started production of one of the most iconic cars of all time. The Aventador. The Aventador was the successor to the wildly popular Murcielago. But the Aventador took it to the next level. The design, technology, performance and everything else was just modern and plain better than the Murcielago. It has to easily be the most popular car on social media platforms. The 6.5 litre V12 started out with 700 PS of power but later on it got ramped to 770 PS with the SVJ. Even the evolution of the Aventador was crazy. It started out as a show off machine with scissor doors and a ridiculous noise. But with each new iteration of the Aventador the performance started growing exponentially. By the end of it, the Aventador in the SVJ guise is the current Nurburgring Lap Record holder for production cars. The Aventador has been the poster car for the past decade and each and every car manufacturer has tried to steal its crown but none have come close.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 

8. McLaren P1

The holy trinity of hybrid hypercars. Out of the holy trinity, the McLaren P1 had to be the most striking and futuristic at least design wise. The P1 was technically the second production McLaren after the MP4-12C and they went straight for the big boys from Germany and Maranello. The P1 had the 3.8 litre Twin Turbo V8 with an electric motor to produce a staggering 903 horsepower. This car was a big step for the brand as well as the automotive industry because the company had used a system which was supposed to increase fuel efficiency, used it to create a bat sh*t crazy flamethrower.

McLaren P1

7. Ferrari LaFerrari

The prancing horse from the holy trinity was the one whom everyone was scared of. The LaFerrari had a bit of a different way to serve its electric boost. It used a state of the art KERS System straight from Formula 1. The KERS system basically replenished all of the lost energy produced by certain mechanical components and diverted it back to the battery. Then it would deploy that power when the driver wanted the car to be in max attack mode. This was truly revolutionary because, first of all, using a KERS system in a road car was unheard of and secondly it was a Ferrari with a hybrid powertrain.

Ferrari LaFerrari

6. Porsche 918

The 918 might not be the most striking car out of the 3 but it was genuinely the most technologically advanced of the bunch. The 918 had the most advanced hybrid system out of the three and could be driven on electric power for almost 20 miles. But all of this doesn't mean that the 918 is slow by any means, in fact I would argue it is the fastest of the group. With its slick AWD system, DCT, hybrid boost and roaring NA 4.6L V8 it produces a whopping 886 horsepower. It was so fast that it actually went to the Nurburgring and was the production car to lap the track in under 7 minutes. The P1 had also attempted to same, but McLaren never came out with the time. Says a lot.

Porsche 918 Spyder

5. McLaren 720s

Well obviously not the 720s in itself is the most influential car from the lineup but the whole hierarchy and the predecessors of the 720s are counted as well. It all started from the Mp4-12C and has progressed upto the 720s which might be one of the most insane, vicious and fastest cars you can buy stock today which can keep up with cars 5 times its price. McLaren with its Super Series line of cars have always given a super well rounded package.

McLaren 720s

4. Pagani Huayra

Aah Pagani. Basically the Mona Lisa of the car industry the Huayra is just simply a work of art on wheels which can also break each and every speed law in the country in under 5 seconds. Horacio Pagani has mastered the formula of building the world's most beautiful and timeless designs ever. The attention to detail that goes into making rather creating a Huayra just gives you a headache. And I said create because each and every Huayra is different, not a single one is similar to another one. Each and every bolt and screw on the Huayra has the Pagani logo laser written into it. If you are a really good friend, Horacio will also do some one-offs of a car that already is so rare, for example the Huayra Dragon.

Pagani Huayra BC Roadster

3. Dodge Viper ACR

Now I know this a really unexpected oddball in the list but hear me out. I could've easily put the 911 GT2 Rs or the Lamborghini Huracan Performante for the car that can obliterate hypercars on the track for a fraction of money. But let us be real. We need to give Dodge some credit because they were the ones who basically shattered all of the European exotics with their 8.4 litres of good ol' Murican muscle. The Viper ACR was the track day special of the SRT Viper and boy did it give the Europeans a hard time. The big picnic table at the back creates a whopping 1710 pounds of downforce at 171 mph. The P1 GTR creates approximately 1355 pounds of downforce at 150 mph, and lets get one thing into consideration, the P1 GTR isn't even road legal! Couple to the massive 8.4 litre V10 engine, the Viper ACR was a fresh from factory track demon.

Dodge Viper ACR

2. Ford GT

Well the Ford GT had to be on the list is because well, Ford took a route that nobody was expecting with the new GT. Rather than creating a street version and then creating a race car, Ford created the Ford GT LM GTE first and basically homologated it for the road. Ford really took the old fashioned LMP1 take with the new GT because, the GT has a built in roll cage in its carbon fibre monocoque and aerodynamics that no one has ever seen before like the flying buttresses. It also has the dopest party trick of going into track mode in a mere seconds by dropping its ride height using the hydraulic suspension. Although many Ford fans were disappointed with the EcoBoost Twin Turbo V6, the GT made a healthy amount of power from what is basically a truck engine on meth.

Ford GT

  1. Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti has to be genuinely the most influential high end sports car manufacturer in the business. If you thought the Veyron made a statement, then the Chiron SuperSport 300+ annihilates the competition. When the Chiron Sport came out and did the 0-400-0 record in 42 seconds, Koenigsegg casually broke the record and also put themselves on top of the top speed record book by beating the unofficial and official record of the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport and Hennessey Venom GT. All of a sudden when everyone was contemplating whether Bugatti's Chiron is really faster than a Agera RS and whether Koenigsegg will break the 300 mph barrier with the Jesko. Bugatti dropped a bomb by releasing a video which showed a modified Chiron with a long tail configuration and new front bumper doing an astounding 304.77 mph on a VW test track. All in all the Chiron is the finest and most well engineered automobile you can buy in today's market period.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+