After 10 years of production, the boys from liverpool have gotten up and finally gotten bored of the astonishingly fast , feather-light, razor sharp BAC Mono. So in true liverpool fashion, BAC put some spicy sauce over it and have announced the new and updated 2021 BAC mono.

The thing is, they've pulled a Porsche in terms of updating the aesthetics, the new Mono looks identical to the outgoing generation at a glance. However, when your eyes take in the little bits of botox on the rear and a tad bit of liposuction in the front, the similarities do start to fade away.

Okay no more dilly dallying, lets go through whats new!
1. New Headlights : the new Mono houses its new projector headlights in the middle of the front bumper in order to deal away with the (rather ugly) vertical headlight set up. this rather odd headlight position originated in Le Mans and gives the Mono a really tidy looking front.

2. A Turbo (brb having a crisis) : Hey! we all saw it coming, this is how the world is. Just like every other car manufacturer, BAC has also had to resort to turbocharging their engine in order to comply with emissions standards. But there is an upside to it, two in fact, one being that its 2.3L 4-pot engine produces 25bhp more which means you have 330 bhp at the disposal of your right foot and secondly the higher emissions ratings means that the BAC Mono can be sold in more countries, that means that if you have around a quarter of a million dollars lying around and youre bored, you might be able to cop a mono for yourself!

3. The Incorporation of Graphene : Okay, so bare with me, graphene is the strongest material known to man, and when  added to various materials, it can enhance their properties. So BAC have added graphene to the carbon fibre weave in order to make the parts stronger and lighter, how light you ask? 9kg. Keep in mind this car is roughly 570kg.

4: 3D printing parts : Looking at the shape of the mono you would easily believe that some parts would be near impossible to manufacture or fabricate in one piece, thats where 3D printing comes into play, the thinner and slimmer components of the body like the side mirrors and wheels are 3D printed in order to produce complex shapes in less pieces making it lighter on the car and lighter on your pocket as well.