Everyone is about performance nowadays. Everyone wants to have the fastest and most powerful car around the block. The simplest way of doing it is to put a couple million dollars on the table, and buying yourself the industry's greatest feats. For ex: McLaren Senna, Porsche 918, Bugatti Chiron etc.

But obviously everyone isn't Gautam Singhania or Manny Khoshbin. Our everyday bread earner needs something that will tickle his pickle as well as be gentle to his pocket.

Chevy came out with probably the best bang for buck sportscar/ supercar (however you wanna look at it) of the decade. The new Corvette C8 is a radical new take on America's greatest sportscar of all time. It changes its front engined layout to a mid engined for better stability and handling. With the C8 starting at around $59k, it is really a good deal. In comparison, the new Supra starts at $51k, but it doesn't even come close to the performance capabilities of the Corvette.

Now Hennessey is basically a warehouse full of Americas craziest engineers, drunk all day, showing off who has the biggest bits. Well actually Hennessey is much more than that, they are one of the most technologically advanced tuner houses in America, maybe even in the world. Don't forget they were the ones to create the unofficial top speed record holder, that is the Venom GT.

So Hennessey went and got a C8 Vette and went absolutely bat shit crazy on it. They have basically made the ZR1 variant of the C8, five years before Chevy even thinks about making it.

The C8 Corvette has a peach of an engine, which is the 6.2 Litre LT2 NA V8. It produces an impressive 495 horses. Well Hennessey has gone classic JDM and slapped on 2 gigantic turbos to the engine. Now this Vette can haul some ass, cause it produces 1200 horsepower after the Hennessey is done with it.

So much power needs to be tamed, so Hennessey offers a Carbon Aero Package with this build. The package includes a new snow plough big splitter, new carbon side skirts, new diffuser and a good ol' American picnic table at the back. But the best part about the Carbon Aero pack has to be the roof scoop. Just look at it, it looks like the C8.R Le Mans racer!