Tata Gravitas 2020

Tata motors have been known for their iconic SUV’s. All the way back from 1991 when the Tata Sierra was launched. A three door SUV with a healthy Peugeot 2 litre engine. It mesmerized every young chap with the wish to take on any terrain assisted by the 4-wheel drive system. But as for the real experience of the vehicle, it wasn’t really a great one. That sadly was the case for most Tata SUV's. After a long wait, Tata learned and worked on fine tuning the challenges faced by the Sierra and The Safari was born. Launched in 1998, the Safari was the big macho brawler from Tata carrying the same 4WD system and a new engine derived by the Sierra's Peugeot engine. It was ready to take on any terrain, and this time for real. It’s reign was a very long one up until the competition showed up and took the Tata cake. Even after continuous struggle, multiple facelifts and better engines with emissions control, the public wanted more. They wanted to see something new.‌‌

People’s hunger for something new from Tata along the years grew. But every time, it proved to be disappointing. Though the cars sold well, they weren’t loved. They were cheaper and got the job done. Up until now, the situation was pretty nasty. From the date the Tata Nexon was launched, the Tata pie has been growing. Last year, the Harrier was launched. The true successor of the iconic Sierra. The Harrier put Tata in the big league once again. Shortly after the Launch, Tata gave a sneak peak of the Harriers new iteration. A seven-seater based on the Harrier.‌‌The most awaited SUV of 2020, The Gravitas. Similar to the Harrier, The Gravitas shares knowledge from the Land Rover platform which is well known to be the Big Daddy in the SUV market. As for the design, it looks like a baby Land Rover Discovery. Wide arches and muscular curves makes it look aggressive and sleek.  It will be priced higher than the Harrier. It will use a Fiat 2 litre turbo diesel engine which is also seen the Jeep Compass. It might come with a 140 bhp setup making The Gravitas the most powerful in the segment which is earlier done by Tata with the Nexon and are getting it’s benefits. The Gravitas is said to be launched by April-May of 2020 and deliveries starting June or July as per the timeline. As for the pricing, it will be launched around 17-18 lakh ex showroom. It will rival the Jeep Compass, Hyudai Tuscon and challenge the lower end models on the Toyota Innova Crysta.

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