Sometime in the 50s, Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth, two engineers from Northampton, England, working for Lotus, decided that they needed a side hustle that makes the CRAZIEST. ENGINES. EVER. They came together to form Cosworth Engineering Limited.

Cosworth is one of the leading engine research and development companies who’s groundbreaking innovation and technology has made these engines the best and most successful racing engines ever produced including the most successful engine in Formula 1.

When Cosworth is slapped on a car, it's no joke. Cosworth is a company that has an astonishing motorsport history, their racing pedigree clearly reflected on their production cars, in fact, the cars developed by Cosworth were mental and were famous for their engines being an experience like no other.

Today we’re gonna go through some of the greatest production cars engineered by Cosworth.

  1. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

The legendary Sierra RS Cosworth is arguably the most famous Cosworth developed car, well within reason though, the massive wing on the back can’t be missed even if you try, the Cosworth developed, YB series 1.9l turbocharged 4-cylinder powerplant is from a Ford Pinto, but after Cosworth gave it some TLC, the production Sierra churned out a smidge over 200 ponies. However, a full race spec YB engine can produce up to 700bhp. The YB series turbo also was in the Ford Escort RS Cosworth that also is a beautiful example of this engines magnificence.

2. Mercedes 190e Cosworth (W201)

The w201 Mercedes 190e Cosworth was meant to go rally driving, however, that was the time Audi had come out with the revolutionary four-wheel drive turbocharged Quattro, which changed Mercedes’ intentions with the Cosworth engine. The naturally aspirated 2.3L WAA engine was a perfect fit in the DTM series in Germany. Where Alan Prost, Stirling Moss, Nikki Lauda, and Ayrton Senna all used this marvel to race in the series.

3. Ford RS 200

The RS200 was a mid-engined Ford that was made for homologation purposes. Okay I admit, these are rare, only 146 were sold out of 200 and the fate of the remaining 54 is still a mystery. However, the Cosworth developed BDT engine was a beast, the 1.8L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine punched out 240bhp in the road-going version whereas the race-spec beast churned about 550 bhp but the BDT engine is said to be capable of a whopping 800 hp.

Audi RS4 B5 ( 

4. Audi RS4 (B5)

Naturally, The Audi 2.7L twin-turbo V6 was given an extensive overhaul with twin intercoolers, new turbos, new heads, different internals, a reworked intake, , and a new ECM plant. The B5 Audi RS4 was a manual too, which means that the experience of the beautiful 380bhp will also be enjoyed by your left foot.

5. Ford Escort Rs1600

Slotting the Lotus Elan’s 110hp twin-cam 1600 under the original Escort’s bonnet turned it into a serious racer, but soon Ford needed more to keep pace with the competition. More came in the form of the legendary BDA (Belt Drive A-series), which featured twice as many valves, an extra 10hp in street form and huge tuning potential. Upped to 1800cc for the Mk2 RS1800, it dominated WRC at the turn of the 1980s.