Here we go again, presenting the 2020 Title Winners, Mercedes Benz. Is it too soon to jump the gun?

Test day 2 left everyone Awestruck. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has seen this script before. Same old Ferrari, generate a lot of hype before the season starts, inducing hope in the Scuderia Loyalties, who wish to see the podium filled with Rosso Corsa, Get their horses handed over by Mercedes. Just when the SF1000 was getting everybody's hopes up, the W11 crashed the party with its magic party trick.
Oh god no, Not again! Give others a chance will ya?

DAS system in action on Testing Day 2

DAS stands for Dual Axis Steering. DAS allows the  driver to adjust the alignment of the front wheels from the cockpit. The system is controlled by the driver either pulling or pushing the steering wheel, hence the name "dual-axis steering". I wouldn't be surprised if it takes-off all of a sudden, JEEZ.

Now for some tEcHNical iNsIgHt....
The obvious benefit in the case of DAS is the W11, can run a relatively extreme toe-out setting for corners, which provides greater stability on turn-in, without the general negatives that would come on the straights. When running a toe-out setup on the straights, the tyre scrubs along the track surface due to its alignment and, combined with the camber setting, it tends to heat up in the inner shoulder. Too much toe-out and you'll be destroying your tyres way faster than Toto Wolff would want. But by using DAS to switch the toe angle to a more neutral position on the straight, the tyre will not be as prone to overheating on the inside shoulder, allowing Mercedes to run more extreme toe-out for cornering. This would also let them evenly heat their tyres. In tracks such as Baku where the straights are too long, F1 cars struggle to maintain heat across the contact patch. This would give them an edge over other teams in tracks with long straights.

Change in Toe Angle portrayed visually

Mercedes has been working on DAS for over a year and has been in touch with the FIA about its legality during that period. Obviously, Ferrari being Ferrari have already filed their plea against its legality. While they're doing this, simultaneously they are developing their own makeshift version of the DAS. Expect something similarly named but in Italian. I'm going with Sterzo Multidirezionale (Thank God for google translate!) which translates to Multi Direction Steering.
The fact it has made it onto the car at preseason testing suggests that there have been no major concerns over its safety and that the FIA has indicated that it is happy with DAS in terms of whether it complies with this year's regulations. The key distinction appears to be whether DAS is viewed as a steering system or a suspension device. This could be a game-changer for the Silver Arrows in their chase to defend its championship (Not that they lacked championships).
All of this would lead to one important question.


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