Maserati have always been a symbol of wealth. But recently, the brand has been struggling with the modern competition. But still there is something about a good ol’ Maserati that modern cars just don’t do. A prime example is the “new” Gran Turismo.

The main difference in the “new” GT is the new infotainment system which is running the latest version of Dodge’s UConnect. Yeah it looks really fancy but really? Are you going to buy a Maserati for a new screen in the interior that no one really use? Maserati’s are about fashion, style and status. When you jump out of Maserati, you make a statement. It’s not a rich boy toy like Ferrari and its also not a douche bag mobile like a Lamborghini. It oozes a different type of class, it shows that you are different and you want to say something that no one has ever heard.

With the new GT, Maserati has still stuck to the original GT formula that was introduced back in 2007. And yes, this car is 12 years old. It has the signature long bonnet with the exotic sounding 4.7L NA V8. The body work seems like it has been made by the Pope himself, imposing yet elegant. The interior looks like an expensive handbag from Gucci, Prada, Armani and all the other Italian fashion giants. The car is not breathtaking, no. It is just really pretty. You know you are a designer and a fashion influencer if you are attracted towards these. But what about petrolheads? At the end of the we want to know, what does it drive, feel and sound like?

Since we still haven’t driven it, we can fulfil the other two senses. The feel is exotic more than premium. The leather and alcantara mixtures, the big column mounted paddles, the logos and everything else just says, Bellissimo. Even if you’re driving on the worst roads in the world, you can’t help but just to pop on a pair of RayBans and cruises at 120 kmph endlessly. And the V8 sounds like opera. All of Italy’s finest vocalists coming together and singing a personal opera for you. Antonio Tamburini, Carlo Tagliabue, Cecilia Bartoli all under the hood singing Nessun Dorma through 8 different rooms and exiting out of the exhaust.

The V8 itself is a Ferrari derived engine which was scene in the first gen California. The V8 doesn’t produce any mind bending figures and makes a modest 460 bhp. The way the car revs to its 7000 rpm redline is just absolutely glorious. There is not better sounding V8 on the market than the GT’s V8 hands down. But again, the engine’s true beauty is at 3000 rpms with the V8 rumbling away and the road twisting and curving with the Riviera on your left. That’s what the GT excels at. The feeling of exquisite Italian heritage and passion.

So, if you want something made from pure passion and people who might not invent a flying electric car with spaceage material from Mars. The Maserati GT is the car for you.