So for sometime people have been thinking what will be the first car to hit the 300 mph mark. When the Veyron SuperSport came and obliterated the competition with an official top speed of 267.856 mph, all of the competition was under pressure. Hennessey came out with the Venom GT and did a top speed run of 270 mph, then very recently Koenigsegg took an Agera RS and was claimed to be the king of speed by achieving 284 mph.

When the Chiron came out Bugatti said that they didn't want to achieve any top speed runs with the car. The claimed top speed of the Chiron was 261 mph, which was actually lower than the Veyron SuperSport. But that was the illusion Bugatti was making. Bugatti wanted everyone to think that their car wasn't capable of doing 300 mph. So everyone started claiming that their car will be the first car to hit 300 mph. Hennessey with the Venom F5, Koenigseeg with the Jesko, SSC with the Tuatara. But secretly Bugatti knew no one would finish in time.

Exactly a month ago, Bugatti took a modified version of their Chiron with some special bumpers and aero all around and took it to their Ehra Lessien test track. There, Bugatti did what everyone wanted to achieve, it conquered the 300 mph. After seeing the video TopGear released, I am pretty sure that that car could go even faster probably, because the way that engine pulled to 300 mph so easily, that Bugatti could've easily gotten 5-6 mph more out of that run.

Anyways, Bugatti is still the top speed king and no one is even going to come close to what their cars can achieve. Thank you Volkswagen.